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Standard tables of food composition in Japan

Speaking of course, the staple food of Japanese is rice.
Rice contains plenty of nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamin B1 and vitamin E, in addition to starch, which is a source of power, and is a treasure trove of nutrition! Among them, starch, which accounts for more than 70% of the ingredients, is said to be extremely good in quality and digestion and absorption, so that it will keep its power and sustain it.
In addition, brown rice is packed with these nutrients.


Ohwada Farm's rice begins with the creation of soil that is elaborate.
We carefully grow specially cultivated rice certified by the prefecture in a vast field and make safe and secure rice.

567f6147a843c36772073a30de6645c8_s.jpg Strong flavor, glutinous, deliciousKoshihikari of Ohwada Farm is characterized by strong taste and stickiness. tachiaraidsc02711_tp_v4.jpg There is a secret to cultivation.
By refraining from fertilizers and pesticides, we can grow healthy rice and bring out the original taste of rice.
a4cd753fa6954646e68a4c8b1802e5d4_s_(1).jpg It is dry that determines the taste of rice.Ohwada Farm uses a far-infrared dryer.By drying uniformly, the original stickiness and aroma of rice are not impaired. 7e63f743fdf40117276649cbd689c9c2_s.jpg We have particular about rice polishing.The most difficult thing in rice polishing is the balance between whiteness and taste of rice. We draw on both the beauty and deliciousness of rice based on our years of experience. 9358.jpg We want to be a producer with a visible face.Rice farmers cannot easily meet customers. We want to be honest with our products, so we are focusing on direct sales.



  Direct Sale price (include tax) Shopping site price (include tax, 
Postage extra)
2kg 1,000 JPY 1,300 JPY
3kg 1,500 JPY 1,800 JPY
5kg 2,000 JPY 2,300 JPY
10kg 4,000 JPY 4,600 JPY
13.5kg 4,800 JPY 5,400 JPY
26.5kg 9,000 JPY 9,800 JPY
After receiving your order, the rice will be polished, so we will deliver freshly made rice.


  Direct Sale price (include tax) Shopping site price (include tax, 
Postage extra)
30kg 8,500 JPY 9,300 JPY

If you visit our shop, the price will be as follows and you can get it from the shopping site. [Delivery date: Monday, Thursday]
Please contact us beforehand.
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Our rice is also available on the "KOIBUCHI College of agriculture and Nutrition-Nounouta direct shop" .  ▶Official website


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Various cooking methods of RICE !

rice-ball-1919631_640.jpg Make Rice ball california-roll-2186520_640.jpg Make Sushi restaurant-1762493_640.jpg Chinese-style fried rice pilaf-4407502_640.jpg Paella 564acb261cf6eea8fc283ca0e91a151d_s.jpg Medley soup ea8d714675901ab1ea292971b89ede2e_s.jpg Can also be a baby food rice-dumpling-1440871_640.jpg Chimaki (steamed rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves) new-years-1970899_640.jpg Mochi (Rice cake)